Kill Flies Fast – Hysolv UK launches Sofast Fly Bait


Kills flies fast


SoFast systemic fly bait kills flies within minutes after contact.  Introduced to the UK by specialist hygiene company Hysolv Ltd, it is particularly suited to the poultry, pig and dairy industries, where flies within buildings can be a severe problem.

Based on imidacloprid, which works on the nervous systems of insects, it is quick and easy to apply on interior surfaces by spray or paintbrush. Trials have shown 98 per cent of all flies within a building are killed within 24 hours.

A special attractant lures flies to the bait, while a bitter substance helps prevent it being consumed by children, pets and other animals.

“The active ingredient has been well-proven and highly successful around the world to control a variety of agricultural and horticultural pests. Following the withdrawal of some products, it now makes a useful addition to the poultry, pig and dairy farmers’ armouries against flies in buildings,” commented Richard Brealey, Managing Director of Hysolv UK.

In wide-span houses, where there is an absence of suitable surfaces in the centre, the solution can be painted onto industrial fly rolls to hang from ceilings. It is suitable for use in occupied livestock buildings.Imidacloprid trials conducted in closed German pig housing show an 86 per cent reduction in fly numbers, even eight weeks after application.

SoFast is competitively priced at £54.40 per 1 kg tub of concentrate.When the granules are diluted a 1 kg tub is sufficient to treat 500 sq m.


For further information contact:

Richard Brealey (Hysolv UK) on 0800 028 0780 or via email at:

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